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Label Watch: Eyola

Introducing a new British luxury womenswear designer that you definitely need to watch out for - Aloye is new to the scene having recently completed an internship with none other than Alexandaer McQeueen and her new fashion line ‘Eyola’ presents a fresh take on cutting-edge fashion. Taking influence from the likes of Parisian fashion designers Charles Worth and Paul Poiret, the first collection features elements of Victorian fashion, a splash of couture, finished with modern twist. I simply had to showcase her work because it is so inspiring.


There's already a growing celebrity following for Eyola, Songstress VV Brown has been spotted wearing the brand and word has it that her designs will grace the new Florence and the Machines album cover. You can catch the latest Eyola designs at Africa Fashion Week in Johannesburg this June and see Aloye at the New Designers show held in London where she'll be exhibiting in July.

See more of her amazing pieces online at: www.eyola.com


  1. it's a brave designer to launch new brand and collection in such a depression age like this. but still expect his(her) show this June.
    BTW, absolutely agree with you eva, it is gorgeous.

  2. Woah what great dresses.
    That's so gorgeous!

    And thank you for that comment. It was a one sentence comment but it was the sweetest one I've received. Your comment really touched ME. ;)


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