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Trend Alert: Jeggings... Love them or Loathe them?


When I first heard of jeggings, I shuddered. It sounded so wrong, both in terminology and style. But this mini trend is taking definitely off and predictions are that it will be here to stay throughout the year. Already endorsed by Sienna Miller and Beyonce, the comfort wear is fast becoming a casual staple.

I have to admit that I'm starting to warm to the idea; surely they have to be more comfortable than skinny jeans and they should hopefully minimise fashion faux pas like muffin tops. Whilst I don't own a pair myself, I can certainly imagine the benefits both in style and wearability; ideal for dressing down a shift dress or teamed with low leather boots for a great weekend look. Plus, they would work well under oversized tees and sweaters. I would love to know - do you love or loathe jeggings? Do you own a pair, and how do you wear yours?

Weighing up the pros, I've decided that I might invest in a pair and give in to the jeggings craze. I've been researching the best online site to buy a pair and by far, the collection on ASOS surpasses others. Here is a selection of a few I have my eye on:


Get the Look:
1. ASOS Kate Acid Wash Knitted Jegging - £30
2. ASOS PETITE Indigo Knitted Jegging - £30
3. Vero Moda Ripped Denim Leggings - £40
4. ASOS Kate Mid Wash Knitted Jegging - £40
All available from ASOS.com


  1. I love my jeggings! I have the same ones Paris Hilton was seen sporting. You can now purchase your own at RepeatPossessions.com

  2. loveeeee theeeeeeeem! hope can get them on argentina!

  3. I love them- so glad they are still in Fashion, loving the new bright ones for Autumn.


  4. they just seem like tight stretch jeans to me,you can get those at any low budget shop. :x but I think they look cool under dresses or oversized tshirts like you said.

  5. they look great, wish I could wear them


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