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Style Spy: Will you be ditching Ebay for The Closet Bureau?

When you get tired of that Dior bag of three seasons past and fancy a new addition to your collection, ebay is probably your first port of call, right? Well your selling habits may be set to change, because there's a new savvy website that promises to take your once coveted items and sell them on to a discerning buyer, with no fuss and minimum hassle.

Closet Bureau

It goes by the name of The Closet Bureau, a fashion-led re-seller concept that eliminates the tedious process of selling designer items on eBay. It's soon to be a must-visit site for fashionistas and unseasoned shoppers and the website will provide a new platform to sell on your behalf, making you a decent profit from those bits and pieces that are clogging up the closet.

Founded by former fashion PR agent Sophia Greene, the team behind The Closet Bureau will list your items through ebay and carefully research the key selling points of each. A professional photograph and expert descriptions will also be added make your pieces stand out and increase maximum selling potential. If your item is extra special, the re-sellers will enlist the keen fashion eyes of their private clients through exclusive trunk shows.

Will you be ditching ebay for The Closet Bureau?
Visit: www.theclosetbureau.com


  1. Gonna definitely check it out! great blog!

    check out mine at www.thesocietyofstyle.com

  2. Great find - headed over to check it out now!

  3. I love your blog...

    I'm doing a giveaway prize be sure to check it out and get your entry in. xoxo



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