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Lady Gaga - Retro Futuristic Glam

Everyone seems to be going completely gaga for this Lady - the singing sensation, style icon, and officially every glossy magazine's new crush. Where hasn't she been featured? Yes, the leather clad, oversized bow wearing, architecturally tailored pop diva is representing what I like to call 'retro futuristic glamour' and she certainly holds her own in the style stakes.

Fashion Flirt term for today: Retro Futuristic Glamour - Exaggerated artistic, architectural fashion styles carried off with a classiness that only Gaga seems to know how.

No doubt many will try to match it but will end up looking ridiculous. But for us sensible folk, we won't try to emulate her look, instead we'll simply flirt with it, adding a little GaGa inspired fashion into our wardrobes.


  1. Ugh, I just LOVE Lady Gaga.

    And listen, I DO want to follow your blog, but my computer keeps blocking the followers box. So I'll try again later. (Don't worry, it's MY computer, it's not your blog that having technical problems.)

  2. Hey Morena, sorry about the follower box problem. Hope it gets sorted for you soon! x

  3. I like Lady Gaga even if she has a weird fashion taste. Totally futuristic!


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