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Tribal Trend: Actually I do like it...

In my last post I expressed my pretty humdrum attitude towards the s/s09 Tribal/African theme I saw at the London Fashion Weekend last month. And my main concern is that the whole tribal thing can often get a bit cliché and OTT - that's something I just don't do. However since exploring the idea further, I've been won over by the tribal inspired pieces from the likes of Marni, Monsoon, Miu Miu and ETRO. They're working the 'African Queen' theme like a dream and I am literally having to eat my own words.

Check out the inspired looks below and you'll soon see why!

My Fashion Flirt: Tribal Glamour Look 1

1. Marni Stone embellished metal necklace - £260
2. ETRO Tribal print silk kaftan - £595
3. Miu Miu Ruched shoulder bag - £755
4. Marni double platform peep-toe sandals - £357


  1. These styles are really damn cool...
    Its really nice idea to try out different looks other than our native ones..
    turn your looks beautiful

  2. Really cool matches, and wild style it is. tribal is one of my favorite trends this season. Especially I love the tribal Ralph Lauren presented as modern safari.
    BTW, not mean to give rubbish link, but post my thoughts about tribal here and exchange ideas.
    BTW, you did a pretty cool job.


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